Self-Help Brochures

All self-help brochures are available in our office.


1      ADD-ADHD
2      Adolescent Parenting Do’s and Don’ts
3      Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families

4      Anger
5      Anxiety and Panic

6      Are You Enabling

7      Attachment Theory
8      Autism Spectrum Disorder

9      Bi-Polar Disorder: Symptoms and Coping Strategies
10    Co-dependency
11    Couples Treatment
12    Crohn’s Disease
13    Dealing with Stress and Anxiety
14    Depression 
15    Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
16    Divorce: Effect on Children

17    Domestic and Sexual Violence
18    Eating Disorders Support

19    Emotional Concerns Pre and Post Bariatric Procedure
20    Grieving
21    Handling Holiday Stress
22    Helping Your Child Deal with Bullying
23   How to Improve Therapy Results
24    Improving Self-Esteem and Creating Resilience

25    Make Homework Fun
26    Meditation and Mindfulness

27    Mobile Apps for ADHD

28    Mobile Apps for Mental Health
29    Navigating Divorce
30    Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder 
31    Parenting Styles
32    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder    
33    Seasonal Affective Disorder

34    Social Media and Mental Health
35    Strategies in Dealing with Self-Injury

36    Supporting Someone Who Has Borderline Personality Disorder 

37    Taking Care of Yourself While Caregiving

38    Teen Drug Abuse: What are the signs & symptoms? 

39    Therapy with Children, The Importance of Play

40    Understanding Your Teenager and Their Brain

41    Would Medication Help?

Disponible en Español

1     Meditación y Atención Plena

​2     Mejorando la autoestima y Creando Resiliencia

​3     Lidiando con el Estres y Ansiedad

​4     Comprender a su Adolescente y su Cerebro 

5     Abuso de Drogas entre Adolescentes:

       Cuales son los signos y sintomas?